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    Hi guys,

    I have read various posts on here about noise I am just wonder if another post may throw up some new ideas etc.
    It would be great if there is a company out there showcasing two buildings with the same dims one as standard construction and the other with sounddeadening materials used. I am yet to find such a company! I may want to use in time very noisy machinery and I don't want to spend a lot of money having something built if the neighbors are going to complain. Perhaps some of you guys know what DB rating you had before and after a project, doing say x,y andz! I have no fixed methods of a build in mind; size will come down to two things cost and how noisy I expect things to be.

    All the best

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    Hi Suesi,

    I think you may be misunderstanding what's being meant when noise is mentioned in some threads.?

    Most are NOT talking about the DB noise of the machine but the Electrical interference "noise" coming from various sources which affect the running of the machine.

    Resonance is another term you'll see used and while this is related to machine vibrations etc it's mostly higher frequency resonance which affects motors and drive performance and not how much the machine actually vibrates to the feel or touch.

    If I'm wrong then sorry and ignore my ramblings. . . Lol

    Regards machine DB noise then most of the noise comes from the spindle/cutting tool and material type. Different materials have higher or lower sound levels and vibrations depending on density, RPM, DOC & Feed rates being cut at etc.
    Stiffer machines can cut deeper and faster but make more noise/vibrations so it's not easy to compare DB noise unless like for like machines.

    Personally I'd just build the machine you want without worrying about noise and deal with noise if it's an issue by building an enclosure with sound deadening materials to a DB level that's acceptable to you.

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    Hi Jazz,

    Thank you very much for the reply. I was on the right track for a change talking about the DB noise produced i.e. machine start up run down and like you say cutting! I have read on here that someone used polystyrene sheets on the walls. The trouble is say I have half a dozen machines I didn't want to box each in individually but more rely on the workshop to deaden the noise right down. I would like to be pretty sure about noise as we had a complaint about a radio not so long ago and it wasn't even that noisy! I have tried to look for case studies for use of machinery etc but nothing jumps out at me. I imagine noise is a problem that a lot of us have. I am thinking about buying some special foam and having a small scale test.

    Many thanks


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    Not sure if the foam route is a good option, it works in recording studios but it is going to accumulate sawdust(if machining wood) and this could be a fire risk.
    on the boats i used to work on fiberglass was used and this was covered with perforate board, all openings need a good seal also and if your dust extraction equipment is outside i would think the noise would track through the system. you need to do a web search for acoustic insulation companies and get more info, it won't be a cheap operation.

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    I would say the easy place to start would be just to use db plaster board on all the walls and sealing and and ideally double board it staggering the joints if they are stud walls insulate behind in the cavity with Fiberglass wool if not build some wooden frames and stud it out.Its is basically just a very dense type of plater board something like 36kg a sheet and then get or make some extra thick doors with good seals.

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    Have a look here
    If you give them a ring they will send you the Orange Book and this will give you all the construction techniques for various applications, Fermacell boards are very dense and are designed for soundproofing and fireproofing, i am using it in my house, if you are doing it yourself you can request one man boards these are 1200 x 1200 and relatively easy to handle, also the panels are glued together when you install them and it makes a crackin job.

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    Hi mekanik,

    Thank you for your views. Fire is a point to consider as is the dust extraction position. I bet what ever I do it want be cheap but I don't want to fall out with the neighbours either.

    Many thanks


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    Hi charlieuk,

    Thank you for your msg and ideas.

    I have thought about the route of stud work and plaster board as it is something I am familiar of, that said I have not used a sound board. The other plus side to that is it is all available in close by. I have know idea about the other ways like special shaped foam tiles and so on. I think like you say some thick doors with good seals would be a must.

    Many thanks


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    Thank for the link Mike I had a quick look on the site. I will ask them to send me the Orange Book and have a read. What you say about the boards sounds good I look forward to learning more about them.

    Many thanks


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    There are links on the Fermacell site for youtube videos that show the whole process, if you use the steel preformed stud system it looks a doddle, you can download the Orange Book from the link i gave you, my installation is a nightmare as i made the mistake of using Celcon Solar blockwork on the internal walls and trying to get a fixing is a mare, as you can't apply any weight on the screws or they just start rotating, so for any chance of a decent fix all the battens have to be re machined to get them parallel straight and square then lubricate the screw and softly softly till it hardens up but no more.

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