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    Wow that was fast!

    Let me know how you get on with the adtech servos I was thinking about using them on my thermwood router retrofit.
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    Will do Gav,

    What can i say, i fabricate every day, however its been a quiet week, plus the fact i ad them cut to size haha +/-2mm so was a case of trimming them up and welding. the welding took some time due to having to jump on different parts to stop and warping etc.

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    Love the Trolley jack Big "D" precision engineering at it's best. . .

    Regards Servos then good choice but the EdingCnc software I think is shit I just can't get on with it.! . . . Also which board is it because last time I looked the fastest board they had was only 125Khz which will be restrictive to RPM with servos with high count encoders.?

    IE: Presuming 3:1 gear ratio with standard 2500ppr quadrature encoders so 4x 2500 = 125000/(10,000x3)=4.16 rev/sec x 60=250Rpm you'll get from Servos before frequency runs out.!
    To get full 3000rpm which most servos run at you'll need 1.5Mhz frequency with 2500ppr encoders.!! . . . . .Unless you use electronic gearing but then you lose resolution so it's a trade off.!
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    Yeah was proving difficult to hold one side of the steel up whilst trying to get it level haha

    and regarding the board.... shit! this is the one...

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    Quote Originally Posted by D-man View Post
    and regarding the board.... shit! this is the one...
    Sorry to shit on your parade but Nah that won't cut the mustard with servo's I'm afraid.
    I've got the CNCUSB card which is essentially the same but without Ethernet and the software is shite for me. It's personal thing I'm sure as others like and use it fine but for me we just don't click after using Mach3.!

    For steppers the card will work fine and even at a push low count Servo's with electronic gearing but to me one of the points using servo's is increased resolution and accurecy. I also like some overhead so things are not stressed or struggling to keep up when at full chat.! . . Which 125Khz and servos would be most all the time.!

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