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    without much success I have been trying to look in to some sort of scanner to use in conjunction with my cnc. What I would like to do is be able to scan existing surfboards that I have hand shaped and be able to replicate them the cnc and to make changes along the way.

    I have used my machine with a disto attached and manualy moved the axis and taken mesurements at points but it is a very slow process

    There are companies that already have this technology but I can find out many details and the threads that I have read seam to die before they get to a conclusion.

    I think things like david scan will be out the question as some of the boards are up to 16' long and I don't have the space required to set up david.

    There is a example in this video of what I would like to do im just not sure how complicated it would be ??

    does any one have any experience of this?

    many thanks

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    Anything here any use ?
    watch the video about '123D Catch' for a start.
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    looks interesting I wonder how accurate it would be? the app doesn't seam to get great review but will look into it more

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    We've been there before in this thread;
    Spelling mistakes are not intentional, I only seem to see them some time after I've posted

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    Now if you have made them, you should know all by heart. So it would not be difficult to design them with some Cad. I believe this is the preferable option.

    Ok, you can scan them but the out put will be STL. So google now "how to convert STL to solid" , you see, not so simple and much time consuming.

    Plus you will surely design new in the future. So the experience in drawing is needed. In short if i was you , i would draw them from scratch in some good parametric design capable CAD. The more you draw the faster you do it. And you will need the skill, for the first client that comes and wants something complicated.

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    Drawing them is fine and I have a cad program for that there is even a add on program you can get specifically for scanning so it is just the hardware that I need to sort.

    It is possible to do it manually but its taking the measurements that is the problem and its not just my own boards I want to scan, I also like to keep details of as may boards as I can that I have used and break down the designs to compare and it can take literally hundreds of measurements just to start with.

    I have used a disto fixed to my gantry and moved it at increments and taken measurements but it is very slow and hard to get accuracy around tight curves.
    It appears that most are using some sort of photoelectric sensor to take measurements but that is about all I can figure. The pro tools link looks to be in the right area but would like to know how much more there is to it as it looks like a photoelectric sensor too and you can get one from 50-200 pounds not 1500

    edit: from my research apparently the camera style systems do not work well on objects that are relatively smooth surfaces as they find it hard to fix recognize the different point between scans
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    Have you seen this you need an Ipad to use it but it works well.


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    If you have an answer to what minimum scanning precision is acceptable, then its no brainer to find the proper scanner.
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    .5-1mm range accuracy would be fine with a depth of around 350mm is the sort of thing I need

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    Then all that stuff in the 300-600eur range is fine for you. The scanners meant for scanning person and make 3d prints and similar. cause when we are speaking 1500-2000, we are talking ~0.05mm or better precision.

    Just have a look at Aliexpress

    I believe something like this would be best for you.
    PS:Now i am confused, it seems to be cheaper by half on other sites. Is this the same unit or the Chinese used the housing?Read reviews, some seem say it works just fine, most are not happy with the Sense.

    -Its hand held, so you can go with your laptop to a shop and scan all the surf boards
    -I have seen the results at a local shop.I believe same model or something very similar. Nice person 3d prints. Now i have not seen the proces, but i will be visiting him someday and see how its done froms scratch till the end, to see in reality if its worth the hassle.

    I think that somebody who has used one of these will be best to fill us in.
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