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    that looks like the sort of thing however it says maximum volume scan volume is 3x3x3 so not sure if that is the the volume of the area you want to scan or a max length in each axis. the same ones are on ebay for 300GBP

    Edit : I have watched a few video and it does appear you are restricted by the scan area, it is possible to then mesh them together in can but I think if I am going to go to the effort to do it than I want the process to be simple and quick.
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    if your looking to do this as some sort of business I say save your money, where decent scanning is concerned theres no cheap fix, what you think you saved in purchase you lose in time fecking about with scan after scan cleaning it up and getting poor results.
    there all a bit of fun 3d printing and so on.
    I came to this realisation a while back and ended up using two different companys to do my scanning.
    when I eventually get one it will be something like the riftek rf603b this is what I consider starting point for what I need.
    the lad ive used the most is in the link depending on how long it takes to do a scan it could work out cheap till you get sorted.

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    Take a side view photo then a plan photo of the board. e.g.
    Import into CAD and trace the outlines or use Inkscape (free) to trace them. Orient the traced outlines on the X and Z azes then do a '2 rail sweep' to obtain a solid 3d model, Rhino3D does this great.
    Use the control points on the curves to fine tune your shape. There are videos showing this.

    This one uses the similar 'surface from curve network' ;

    I'm thinking you could make accurate cross section drawings at various points along the surfboard and the CAD software would draw the in between parts to create the solid model.
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    Would it be more accurate to use the hand held scanner fixed to the router to get a very smooth slow pass. ..Clive

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    I don't mind spending the cash if its a good product and not over priced I would rather get it right first time than wase money on cheap half way solutions that end up wasting a hole heap of time. I have tried the photo method and its just not accurate enough to work from which I why I started taking manual measurements with the disto. I will contact prototools and see what they have to say about there product tomorrow. Basically it is just a series of cross sections I need to take down the board and one running length ways. It may be able to be done with some sort of probe even possibly?

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