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    Hi Mike,

    This is the stuff used for sound deadening on car panels and the like. My friend has a garage and uses Dynamat. It is expensive.

    I am looking at the weight aspects and also it is fairly easy to squirt this sort of stuff into a box section.

    When I get to it, it wouldn't hurt to fill the gantry and frame, especially if you put in plastic tubes to run wiring. I am really looking to find out if anyone has already tried it.


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    If anyone is interested PM me your e-mail address and i will send you the Doc i was looking @ I tried over on the 3M site but couldn't find the stuff used in the article. it was 3M Scotchdamp ISD-112 and it was 1mm thick.

  3. Hi,
    I remember that i've seen something interesting one year ago... about filling a milling machine with an epoxy concrete...
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