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    Artic Monkey, im guessing you have already worked with carbon or even glass cloth. As charlieuk said, i think you will have to come up with a plan to cut it if its not prepreg. I use it in another hobby i do and i use the wax paper trick but the final item is trimmed to size anyway.

    I Wonder if a rolling cutter or a laser would be better. In any case with out prepreg or a backing the edges will fray like mad depending on the weave.

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    Thanks for every answer so far.
    The accuracy is not that much of a concern for us since the cut has to be finished by hand anyway. Basically at our university theres a small lab where one person works with carbon fiber. He coates the fiber as already discussed in this thread. Therefore he needs to cut the fibre with scissors by hand which is suboptimal because the scissors wear out quickly and the carbon irritates the skin.

    I have to check which exact material we use but we ran a few tests and the rotatory blade had the best result.

    Thanks a lor for the post with the postprocessors thats exactly what were looking for atm. Are there any other postprocessors which work with rotatory blades and how do they interact with mach3 and the triple beast? As far as i know we need an additional hardware for the beast in order to support that.

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    if its only for one person a pair of latex gloves and any form of electric scissors is going to do the job and probably with better results trust me I do this for my day job the only time it would be worth it was if you used pre preg. You have to be so carfullt when cutting carbon that you get every thread other wise it all falls apart as soon as you try lifting it. you will probably have to cheque it manually and go over with a knife anyway and if something catches with a machine you could destroy a hole lot of expensive carbon very quick! Back it on paper like said and then electric scissors or a new shape blade cut on a cutting matt will give quick and easy cutting.

    Ps the trick with using scisors on glass carbon and Kevlar is you only have the top blade sharpe. Run a file over the lower blade it booth directions to give it a fine but rough texture which stops the fibers sliding along the shape edge.

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