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    Didn't it say shavings have to be pressed down? ..Clive

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    If you do a bit of googling or rocket stoves you'll see plenty of YouTube videos on this. It burns on the surface of the compacted sawdust, its compacted to stop it from burning too hot (too much air between the sawdust particles)

    Build log...here

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    The stove I linked to in the first post isn't exactly a rocket stove, it's just that the intake air is directed from the top surface, through the throttle plate, then down to the bottom of the stove via a square tube. I think this is mainly to keep it fully eclosed and spark free for workshop applications. There's no hearth as a consequence, just the bottom of the box, so it's recommended to keep a layer of ash in the bottom to protect the metal.
    I only tried sawdust once, it worked okay but there was too much pongy fumes outside for my liking so now I just burn logs and you can't even see any smoke.
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    me interested too how it works-a friend of mine have more then enough big bag with dust and simply put it into a furnace originally design for straw bale -looking for other option
    Have you got sketch or section with principle?
    Edit: I left some post -already see the link, thanks
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