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    Yeah that's the badger. I actually meant the diagonals in the bed but that works as well.

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    Here's my latest attempt at the gantry and z axis, I think if I can manage the budget I may be able to get the 4way loading bearings rails for the gantry but I haven't priced anything yet.the z axis is 230mmx120mm

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    You're going to need more than one bearing carriage on each rail. Hard to tell on my phone but Z looks a bit flimsy?


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    Yeah as Neil said you will need 2 bearings per rail on the z axis. Also swap the mounting around so the blocks are fixed to the y axis and let the rails move up and down on the Z axis.

    The way you have it the strength is always compromised but the other way you can have a stronger z at min travel so you can pack the work piece up if you need a stronger cut. the rails will also add strength to the z plate

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    thanks for the advice, I was going to make the z axis out off 10mm steel plate or should it be 19mm aluminium

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    Steel would be stronger but heavier and the weight could be a disadvantage.

    The best advantage of using Ali would be if you use tooling plate so it is perfectly parallel so mounting the rails and spindle mount would be easier and more accurate.

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    Could someone please explain how you measure ballscrews and what fixing you need to order in order to fix the ballscrew.The ballscrew in the picture is the x axis off the machine and there is an end plate at each end welded to the frame . there is an outer and an inner measurement.
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    This is the 'standard machining', if you are going to use pulleys then ask for 'dimension F' to be increased to 30mm, that's what I asked Chai to do and he did it no problem and accurately.

    BK and BF bearings are the usual choice, dimensions here;

    Using that info you should draw it up in CAD to find the exact size you need.
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    Thanks EddyCurrent

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    Hi All
    I have spent most off the day thinking about this build and also been reading the build logs and I have had a go at a machine using timing belt and pulleys which would give me nearly the same working area as the first machine but the outer dimensions would be reduced.I have used 60mmx60mm box and underneath I have used 6mm plate. Because I am using 60mm box how would I fit the stepper motor as the shaft would not be long enough to go through the box and would I just get the ballscrew end machined to the acquired length to go through the box .Here's some pics the base might not be strong enough. All Advice most welcome.

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