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    As usual, I'm confused. I have just had an email from Zapp giving a discount to previous customers, so I'm looking to get the drivers and motion controller for my new machine. I think I'm going for the CSMIO-IP/M, despite its lack of slave axis homing, as I can work around this and everything else about it ticks the boxes. The PLCM-E3 looks good (and does dual-axis homing, I believe) but add in a breakout board and it's getting on for the same price, 5V not 24V, etc.

    However, I need to update my old analogue drivers that I am currently using to get the advantages of digital control, resonance reduction, stall detect, and so on, especially as I'm going dual-motors. Zapp have the AM882 and EM806 available. Reading through the specs, I can't see much difference between them (and they are the same price). I really don't want to get the one that is going to be obsolete a month after I buy it (again...)

    Which is best, and why?

  2. The AM is discontinued by us and we have one left in stock.
    The EM range replaces the AM range and has basically the same features but is a better driver.

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    Ah, possibly answered my own question...

    Did a bit more digging around and found a thread on this forum that seems to suggest that the EM806 is the replacement for the AM882. Is that correct? In which case, the EM is the one to go for.

    (Edit - and thanks to Gary who answered faster than I can think!)
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  5. yes this is correct.

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