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    Well ive aquired two invertors the first is a nord sk2200/1 the second is a Yaskawa CIMR-VC2A0001BAA.

    I dont know if these would be any good for spindle controllers as i usually work with massive motors.

    If these are going to be any good ill need to figure out how to mains wire them (240) and wire them to the bob etc.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    It looks like the Nord SK2200/1 is spot on for the job, single phase in, 3 phase out, 2.2kW output, max frequency 400hz
    Wiring diagrams in here; https://www5.nord.com/cms/media/docu...00_GB_1203.pdf

    Look like the Yaskawa is just 0.12 kW so a bit small I think.
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    That ya saw a one is 2.2kw as well.

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    Lol stupid predictive text I meant the yaskawa one is 2.2 kw as well

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    Sorry my mistake I got the code wrong the one I have is 2.2kw lol

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    Well after finally getting my ass into gear i started wiring up the new control box. Although i came upon quite a big problem. In my rush i made a slight oversight. I have the vfd which will run a 2,2kw spindle no probs, now my oversight.
    I thought i could use my current spindle, thats a big no. the spindle i have is a cheap chinese air cooled one a DC one, and of course my VFD is AC.

    So now i have to wait until i can afford a new spindle, then maybe i can start producing again.


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