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    Quote Originally Posted by thorphar View Post
    In light of this recent discovery. I have re done my basket.

    I use to use AM882 however, after looking around online someone mentioned the DQ860MA Driver being ok instead of the AM882. Im just worried about the lack of sensor less stall detection not being on the DQ860MA. Thoughts ?
    Stall detect only works after 300rpm so it's not such a big deal for a mill. But what is bigger deal is how they handle resonance better and give smoother running motors. The DQ860ma are not as good in my experience so I wouldn't use them over AM882 or better still the updated EM806.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZX12RUSH View Post
    Like this.

    Works quite well for a my uses.
    Some of the parts used

    Stepper motors

    Stepper driver

    Although I have blown 2 up. One was by turning the Travel handle while it Was moving.
    With careful treatment they now seem ok. I would like to try something better. May be a Gekko....

    Ball screws on X Y X
    I bought 2 Chinese Ball screws with 4 Ball nuts , and had the machine the ends to 16mm, then made suitable sleeves to fit the bearings.

    Very nice looking build! So apart from blowing a few drives, any other problems?

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    You asked earlier on about drive belts.
    Well this site from the UK seems to have almost anything you could want.


    If you never try it, you will never know if you can do it !!

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    Thank you all for the advice and help relating to this conversion. Here is where ive got to so far. I have managed to create a mounting system for the x and y axis drives. I have three nema 34 1600oz stepper motors. I have a custom ball screw to drive the quill. What I need to complete is the quill drive system. Im hoping to use the 2 Axis CNC to help create the parts for the quill drive. Things having been moving slow due to problems that occurred with the Chinese supplier for the Stepper Motors.

    I have attached a photo of the machine so far .

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