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    Hello to all of you
    i am a newbie to. Nc and have been reading anything and everything as well as watching you tube stuff
    i am an accomplished craftsman in carpentry and joinery and have converted my garage into a very small workshop with a few basic machines
    i am looking to add a cnc router to learn and play on
    been reading about the shapeoko and stepcraft 420 which I think would suit my entry into cnc world along with mach 3 cut2d and inkscape.
    thanks for the great knowledge base there is here and look forward to chatting all things cnc

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    Quote Originally Posted by Janste View Post
    . . . along with mach 3 cut2d and inkscape.
    You should try out CamBam, as well as it's CAM functions it also includes 2D CAD and you may be able to do everything you need just with that.
    Spelling mistakes are not intentional, I only seem to see them some time after I've posted


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