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    Hi guys

    Couple off questions if I may, I hope this is the right section for this.

    I've engraved the steel buckle as shown from the DXF of the logo but the curves are not true curves but made up from smaller straight lines. The DXF is curved so unsure what's going on here ?

    I'm presuming at larger scale it would be ok ?

    I know the engraving is a bit of a mess, partly because of the size ( it's in a tight spot ) but I also need to use a smaller cutter tip and shallower depth. I'm happy sorting that out but is there anything that can be done about the angular curves or at this scale
    am I fighting a losing battle?

    To the naked eye it actually looks acceptable but a closer look it starts to look nasty !!

    The DXF is made from an on old auto cad 2000 file, I'm running a boxford vmc190 with boxford software if that helps !
    A friend did the original drawing for me years ago and I have little clue on what to do to fix!

    Cheers guys


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    Hi Carl,
    How do you get from DXF to Gcode ? It would also be good if you could post your Gcode file to see what is generated to cut those arcs. I presume you are running Mach3, but to help you we would need to know the chain of software from DXF.

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    I popped the file into draft sight and saved it as a DXF from a DWG.
    I didn't do anything to it though. I really haven't got a clue with regards to programming etc and am just winging it at the mo with what I have got ! :-)

    I have the program R unning now on larger scale and it's still angular curves so I'm presuming it's the G codes need sorting ?

    how would I save a Gcode ?

    Im running the boxford software that they issue now with no Mach 3 involved.


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    Trying to attach DXF, i think it worked ?
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    It doesn't look like a dxf file to me
    Spelling mistakes are not intentional, I only seem to see them some time after I've posted

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    Im lost Eddie.

    Trying to generate a Gcode in Cambam. I thought I had sussed it but it wont save to DFX only as .CB and my boxford wont recognise the file !

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    Sorry Carl,

    But I can't open the DXF file. I don't know the boxford software, so someone else would have to contribute towards a solution.

    You are seeing the arcs as a series of straight lines because somewhere in the chain of events from drawing to machine movements, the code to move the miller has been reduced to a low resolution.

    Does the boxford software take in the dxf file ?

    It is frustrating but I have to pass on this one.


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    I cant open that one in autocad either.
    Sometimes long curves get broken up into smaller lines or if they are splines or so and they don't come out right when saved as a dxf I think.
    Try loading the file back into cad then save it as a R12 or older version. Then reload it and save as a newer version dxf and try it again.

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    I think ive sussed it fellas :-)

    I managed to generate a tool path using the cambam and have exported to DXF. Im running it now but the curves look a lot curvier than before so far :-)

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    I was just going to say, in CamBam you have to use; File --> Export --> to DXF
    Spelling mistakes are not intentional, I only seem to see them some time after I've posted

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