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    This is a product stamp I made last year for a friend, it's on 10mm diameter tool steel rod, hardened & tempered after engraving and relieving the excess material around the stamp outline on the grinder -

    This is what it does on hot steel plate -

    It took some time to develop the engraving spindle setup on the mill, this 3D job was performed with no depth guide and the spindle slide mount fixed, not sprung, a depth guide can be added for fixed depth work on nominally flat or fairly smooth 3D surfaces. The rig can be used without rotation for Diamond Drag Engaving down to about 1mm text height.

    This was the setup for my first experiment with a 4-Axis engraving job, it just reads "TEST ENGRAVING" around a 20mm Stainless Steel bar

    Somewhat simplistic but it pleased me, the bar is still on a shelf somewhere ;-)
    - Nick
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    Nice engraving, I like your spindle speeder do you a thread on this site about its construction?
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    That die looks great - very impressive - (pun intended). Well done. G.

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