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    I thought I would just post a picture of this dust strip I have made for my extraction system. As most who have look for long bristle dust strip will know how expensive it and how you can only get it in long lengths and in a aluminium carrier which is no good for round corners I thought I would come up with my own.

    and this is how I did it

    1. Purchase a long bristle broom from were ever is the cheapest! Mine was from b&q and 8

    2 pull the bristles out with pliers. They should come out in bundles with a metal clip holing them together.

    3 cut the folded over top that has the clip on it to make individual strands.

    4 lay down a strip of masking tape and lay the bristles down aligning them with one edge

    5 mask a 1" strip along the top were you will put the silicon.

    6 spread a even layer of silicon over the top of the bristles to hold them together and when done remove the second pice of masking tape you used for a nice clean line.

    7 you can the ether repeat step 5&6 on the opposite side or you can lay further layer on top.

    8 leave to dry for 24hours and you should be good to go.
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    Charlie, Thank's for posting, the method's okay but you'll find a cheaper brush here; http://www.toolstation.com/search?searchstr=brush
    Also the bristles look quite stiff on that brush so maybe a softer one would be better ?
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    I wanted to pick something up over Christmas so for me b&q was the best option as it was local and I could have it there and then. I found the stiffer bristles were better for what I wanted, I would say they were a soft out door style brush and I found they are less likely to get caught in the spindle. This is about mk6 I have tested, they are all so a lot easier to work with and were the longest I could get. I experimented with paint brush style things but they were a pain to work with and very short. From my experiments there is nothing on the tool station page that would work that is cheaper but like I said you what ever brush you want from were ever you want its just what I found the cheapest and most suitable.

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