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    There are plenty of suppliers of industrial brush strip in the UK



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    Quote Originally Posted by charlieuk View Post
    As most who have look for long bristle dust strip will know how expensive it and how you can only get it in long lengths and in a aluminium carrier which is no good for round corners .
    Inside the aluminium carrier many brands have a steel sub-carrier which slides out and bends around corners very easily, it also means your brush is a self supporting assembly once you bend it to shape :D
    You think that's too expensive? You're not a Model Engineer are you? :D

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    You could also try the wonderfully named http://www.thehairyworm.co.uk/

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    I used this flexible strip from Amazon. Dirt cheap and works a treat.



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    Hi Kitwn
    It is the same one I bought on amazon.co.uk some time ago but not available there anymore!. Good to see it available somewhere. I bought the 70mm and 100mm sizes, but the 70mm is more than adequate

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    If I remember rightly I had to get mine sent from the USA as it wasn't available on Amazon's AU website.


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    Hi Everyone

    I posted last year about brush strip from Amazon, which unfortunately is no longer available. Now found the same stuff on eBay. So buy whilst it is available!


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    Just FIY on the dust shoes i sell i use 60 cents EVA rubber sheet 1mm or so, found in any chinese shop. On my shoes it could be made into 5 custom length double strips, on a dust shoe like the above, let's say 2. So for 30 cents and some painters tape to hold it on place, you can make much more superior vacuum , custom cut for your current job.

    I mean , why are you buying that brush strips that waste vacuum and at the end of the day are no good for all the different bits you would use??
    project 1 , 2, Dust Shoe ...

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