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    Hi Guys
    I am having a problem trying to unpack a compressed file for uploading to a satellite receiver (new image).
    I downloaded the software but when i unzipp it it shows as a VLC media file and it obviously is not.
    Assuming there is an error on the PC, i downloaded the file from the website to another PC unzipped it and the file type is correct, stuck it on USB drive, returned it to the other computer but when i opened the file it was showing it as a VLC media file.
    Can't risk flashing this to the satellite receiver as any problems will leave me not being able to connect the receiver to the PC for a second attempt. I am fairly confident this is just a setting issue but i have not got a clue how to sort it.
    Both computers are Windows XP.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Have you tried to open it with right click on mouse then "open with" then browse to find notepad and see if that will read it. .Clive

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    Hi Clive
    Thanks for the rapid response, have tried most options but it's still telling me it's a VLC media file.

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    Uninstall VLC then :), that should clear any file associations, once your done reinstall VLC if you really need it. Though I would probably just change/clear the file association personally, right click>open with> on the new window where you choose the programe, there is also a tick box so it remembers your choice.

    Regardless, it's a windows file association issue so flashing the image to the box shouldn't brick it :)


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    When you say that it is showing as a VLC media file, what is the actual file extension that is given? It might be that for some reason someone has changed the program that is associated with this file type/extension to "VLC". You might need to turn on file extension display in Windows Explorer first (Windows Explorer -> Tools -> View -> Advanced settings -> Hide extensions for known file types should be unticked).

    You can change the program associated with a particular file extension through Control Panel but let's find out if that's needed first.

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    Many thanks for your help.
    Did as you said Lee and uninstalled the player, have kept the media files in a folder and if i need to i will download it again.

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    Nps I use a program called demon tools to mount iso's and most image files, it's just a virtual rom basically but when used it's effectively like you've poped a disk into a drive, then you can just crack on all you need to, VLC is nice but just another programe not needed really.


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