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    I would like to say I have been reading this site for the past 6 months and have read quite a few post on the subject.

    i would like to build a steel table similar to silyavsky design but don't have 80 x 80 box section but do have access to 60 x 60 4 mm wall box section.


    1/ can an I use 60x60 box section for the table.

    2/ would the 60x60 be suitable to use the poxy self levelling

    3/ I would like a working area of 48" x 48" so what would the table size be. Thinging of building it 62" squarish. And about 36" height for the work area.

    thanks in advance any help would be helpful.

    the main thing I would be using the Dnd router for would be for cutting 90x90mm timber, ply, mdf and plastic and if it's sutable Ali some times.

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    yes, 60x60x4 is ok to make a good structure. Having in mind your desired work area. may be here and there you have to add small diagonals, cause my design is in fact quite minimalist and really is done best using 80x80 or 100x100, but when talking about machines that will do mainly aluminum. So you are ok with that.

    No problem for the epoxy leveling, the pour is wide 40-45mm and deep 5mm.

    You will go for aluminum gantry or from box section? If box, then you will need something bigger there.

    Good luck with the build
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    Thanks silyavski for your quick reply, as far as the gantry design I have limited access to bigger box section and was intending to go with box section as this can be welded together. I have some people looking around for me to see what is available as I Can only have the so call scrap material.

    if I make the frame 1600 for the x axis and 1480 long for the y axis would I be able to have a cutting area of 48"x48"


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    Not impossible to make a perfect gantry from the same profile/60x60./ I just said bigger, cause of the hiwin carriages bolt distance, cause the best would be to make the gantry sides from profile.

    Draw something, i also have some ideas about the gantry from 60x60.
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    Just an update on available box section

    50 x 50 3mm wall

    60 x 60 4mm wall

    80 x 40 3mm wall

    Could I get away with welding 2 80 x 40 box section together to make the 80 x 80 gantry ?

    Would the weight be too much for stepper motors ?


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    if i was making it i would use 3x 80x40x3 for the gantry. Arranged in L or arranged in ], /where z is left side of symbols ,gantry looked from right side of the machine/

    Cause if only 2x arranged in | , i dont like that the width will be only 40mm, quite bendy to my liking, when machine is cutting front back direction. But if aluminum is not the main idea, some compromise could be made here.
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