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    I have looked at great length for a square headed bolt like this.

    I comes out of a Kity 635 planner thicknesser which I am due to sell due to lack of space. I only want 175 for it I could stick it on a pallet if it helps

    I am not expecting anyone to know where I can get one but thought it worth a try as I don't want to replace all the bolts.

    Bolt size 9.9mm square head
    M6 thread
    15mm overall length

    I have tried and NMA agencies but no joy.

    Many thanks if anyone knows where to try.

    All the best

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    Could you cut and file a square piece of steel the same size as the head then drill and tap an M6 hole in it and screw & glue a piece of studding in ? A flash over with matt black paint would finish it off.
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    Hi EddyCurrent,

    Thank you for your reply that was quick to come up with that. I guess I could go with your idea if I cant get a bolt. I was thinking of replacing the bolts to all hex head but it seems a bit wasteful. I guess they want to high tensile due to the stress on them.

    Hope your project is coming on it sure looks great.

    Many thanks


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    It was just a guess because I didn't know what they did on the machine.
    Re. my project, it's finished, the thread shows all there is to know, I just need to make something with it now. Next I need to do mortice & tenon, fancy dovetail types but not the regular dovetail shape.
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    Silly me mate not mentioning what the bolt does! I holds a cutter wedge.
    Yes, I think the cut out in the table is great, I can see it being very useful. I look forward to hearing what you make.
    All the best

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    I knew you were going to say it holds the cutter wedge, it's similar to mine and the first thing that came to mind when I saw it. In that case I would try to get something better than my first idea.
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    Yes, sorry my fault for missing the most important detail!

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    make one, you have the machines

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    I don't know about that!
    Yes, I have a mill but not the software and to say I am finding my feet with it is an understatement. It is that old thing of we all start somewhere. I set eyes on an old whitworth bolt the other day that made me think knowing it was good material.
    Cheers Suesi

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    bit of sq stock in a 4jaw on a lathe. turn it down then thread it ?

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