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    Skate bearing and ply works great for me in a router and true linear bearings are just a waste of money. Dave
    You are correct there, true linear bearings would be just a waste of money on a ply machine.
    Spelling mistakes are not intentional, I only seem to see them some time after I've posted

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    Yep, ply and skate bearing and yet in spit of that I maintain accuracy of better than .005 inches.

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    @Beone. It would be great if you could do these tests and add your results to the end of that thread. If you read the posts it says how to perform the test.
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    Spelling mistakes are not intentional, I only seem to see them some time after I've posted

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    Neale, thanks for your honest opinion and advice. I had a look at the JGRP designs and did learn something from them. I'm not going to use much mdf only for the bed as I guess you mdf can swell as much as 4% even if sealed, left unsealed in damp conditions then 20% is not uncommon before it ruptures.

    JAZZCNC, I don't intend spending much as I ain't got much to spent on the build.

    Ger21, thanks for your input I would be interested to see some pics of your machine if you have any to post.

    Silyavski, thanks for your input and advice. I have not seen the V casing on ebay can you post a link please. Also please post the pics of your Z axis please, yes I was thinking of using belt drives for the X and Y axis with liner round supported rails or profiled + blocks on the Z axis. NOTED your comments of V bearings LOL
    Having costed up some stainless steel angle today as an alternative to round tube which I've several 4ft lengths I might as well buy supported rails as it would be cheaper.

    Beone, thanks for your input. I know what you mean about shielded bearing and dust, as I was looking at a vertical panel saw with problems today and part of the problem was the bearings sticking apart from the resin build up on the rails, no wonder is was jumping out of the track. Can you post some pics of your machine please.

    EddyCurrent, thanks for your input, yes I'll do some test and post them to the thread once I've got a machine built.

    Mike :)

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