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    New to the forum so hope this is ok to post here but been having some back and forwards with a trader on Aliexpress for the last few days. I was trying to check the authenticity of the AM882 Drives he was selling.

    He said that they are genuine, and I have confirmed with Primopal (if that means anything to anyone) that he is selling for them, they have also confirmed that they are genuine. No word from Leadshine yet but from reading threads, that's not uncommon!

    150(ish) a pop for 3 including shipping, just got to hope that customs don't spot it now :)

    Anyway, just thought I would share in case anyone was looking for a digital drive on a budget like me and had trouble recognising fakes.

    Company: APlus CNC Technology
    Contact: Marco Chen

    PS. I will update the thread with pictures when they get here.


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    ive got those drives from that guy, they look like the real deal although ive not tested them yet. I did get charged about 15 for tax and handling from fedex though.

    At that price its worth a shot.

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    Great, good to know the charge was only 15. Have you opened them up yet?

    I've heard back from Leadshine, they don't know APlus so I'm just waiting for them to get back to me about Primopal.

    I think there is a tight time limit on returns to him so you may want to test them sooner rather than later.

    Cheers for the info.

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    Received the Leadshine AM882 drives this morning and they look good to me. I haven't tested them yet but I will be hopefully be doing this over the next few weeks. No customs charges either :)

    I would appreciate the input from any AM882 owners to confirm that these are the real deal.


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    If they were delivered by someone like FedEx then you'll be getting a letter in the post with the charges on in due course...

    Looks identical to the ones I have sitting downstairs, although I've not opened up the case to look at the components...I also bought mine from Aliexpress


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    Dammit, thought id got away with the customs charges, hopefully they won't be too much.

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    Like njhussey said, fedex sent my charge a few days later, but at the end of the day its not that much was about 15

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    Generally speaking, the Chinese exporters understate the value with respect to the price you paid, so 15 on 150 ain't bad, considering VAT is 20%.

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    Why would you think they where fakes.? I've never seen a fake AM882.

    Also don't understand Why you would void warrenty opening them up.?

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    Since you've got the cover off, can you read the name of the control IC they use? The one labelled U4. It'd be mildly interesting to know...

    Quote Originally Posted by cropwell View Post
    Generally speaking, the Chinese exporters understate the value with respect to the price you paid, so 15 on 150 ain't bad, considering VAT is 20%.
    Plus I bet about 10 of that was Fedex's 'Advancement Fee', or whatever their latest excuse is to charge more.
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