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    Thanks again for your detailed advice. On a quick look I do have a couple of fishtails, ashamed to say I never noticed that detail until you mentioned it. The links are particularly useful and will be no doubt adding my cutter box.
    Appreciate your taking the time to help.

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    Ordered some 1.6 from drillman1. Thanks, tested my schoolboy Spanish!!!!

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    ha ha, i send you the link from , forgot about that.

    The savings are considerable. For example what bit he sales for 6$ is 20€ here in Europe , from the German Kyocera branch.

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    I am doing fine carving with mini saw cutter angled at 45 deg and 6 mm in dia. It last much longer. Cleaning with virgin V cutters.
    V cutters are cheap and can be resharpened with polishing on glass table.

    Maple is not the best but it is much better than beech. 3d deep, maple can be squared.

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