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    I know the subject of earthing some 6040 machines has been covered previously but I haven't found any answers for my situation.

    The 6040z-s80 seems to be pretty well covered for earthing, most parts are being earthed to the mains as the emi filter is picking up a connection from the aluminium chassis of the control box.

    Here is a picture of my vfd:

    No earth connected, the power supply is not connected to earth either.

    Here is a picture of my emi filter.

    I was going to connect both the transformer and the vfd's earth terminals to the earth tab of the emi (as below).

    Is this a good idea?

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    It's always a good idea to provide an earth connection where one is indicated, such as on the VFD. It's also best to take the the earths to one central point, you don't want to be looping from one thing to the other.
    So I would say yes it's a good idea, and if it helps, I'm a qualified electrician.
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    Thanks for the quick response Eddy, now I know what I'm doing tomorrow morning and can crack on with upgrading my cnc.

    Much appreciated mate.


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