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    Depends on the type fitted to your machine, generally I believe they're socket head cap bolts so yes.


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    Sounds to me that your have the motor tuning wrong and motors are stalling.

    Go to Motor tuning in Mach3 and click on each Axis at the side and give us the Velocity and Accel numbers. Better still take a screen shot and post the pics.
    Remember to Click on each axis in the side bar.

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    Swapped wiring over with y axis but problem remained
    the bottom retaining bolt holding the motor to the threaded rod was a tad loose
    i undone it and removed the motor and spacer. The bolts holding the sliding rails were also a tad loose. I tightened them up and tried it and it was much better
    i re fastened all the bolts and am now doing a test cut
    all seems good at the moment
    thanks to you all
    im making a key ring out of acrylic I've alllready made a coaster I will try and load up images later
    thanks guys

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