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    Just out of interest why would you want to arc in and out with the Z?
    To save cutter wear would be another. It means Not plunging into material but still being able to have Arc lead-in. Something I use often when cutting out of material were tool can't avoid plunging into material and I don't want or can't ramp.

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    Fixed a few little bugs in V2.2

    Quote Originally Posted by Wal
    When using the script on a rounded rectangle, there's a more pronounced drop on the 'rounded' segments due to the extra lines of Cut 2D code that are forcing extra incremental drops in the Z-axis:
    Yeah thats the problem with just addind a Z on the end of every line. Todo it properly it would need to read every line, figure out how long the move is and then adjust the Z accordingly. That would be alot more work... but i'll think about it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rufe0 View Post
    That would be alot more work... but i'll think about it.
    Heh, add the ability to ease in/out to the z-depth and you've got a marketable utility there..! Excellent stuff.


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