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    ok i see ... what sort of thickness would be acceptable for the horn ( the above sketch just shows a surface ie. 0 thickness)

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    Yes it does, just getting to grips with the drawing side, the walls would need to be 20-25mm thick, sorry forgot that info.

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    So the company that you asked gave you the correct answer.

    If you want best finish,what you miss to understand here is what material and price. There are blocks or thick sheets of some compounds that could have perfect finish but they are not cheap. The wood will always need sanding from 60 grit if you use cheap pine. MDB will be ok, but then you need to treat it additionally.

    So to resume what i believe is the correct answer:
    1. IMO you need custom sturdy cnc with high Z axis/200mm or more/ and fitted with extra 3D printer head. 1kg of material is cheap 15eu or a bit more and you put it where you need it, no waste here and there. Then you machine it where and when necessary. Note should be taken that it will never be perfect perfect, you will need to sand and possibly flame polish for industrial look.
    The bad thing is that it could never be a production, just a way to make cheap prototype. The 3d print i mean. And it will take you a lot of time to learn both.

    2. for starters- cnc + what you are doing till now . Instead just implement 3d paths so the curves are smooth. Or do it 2 pieces. Of course if you go with 2 or more pieces split, you will need jigs about each step of the process.

    One thing you should understand though. What you aim to do will always be done better if you make one piece, perfect it as much as possible and then cast it from whatever resin. If you can not, then hire somebody to teach you and make you the mold. That will be cheapest and fastest.

    Of course that depends on what people would pay money for, if the idea is to be done artistically and finished by hand or they would care only for the custom acoustics.
    project 1 , 2, Dust Shoe ...

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    Hi Simon,
    Welcome to the forum. I followed your Tannoy builds a few years back on the Wam, very impressive work indeed.
    I would imagine the horns will be a real challenge for any off the shelf 3 axis machine. Trying to make these in one piece and getting a cutting tool right down into the throat of the horn could be an issue. What sort of diameter are we looking at the bottom of the throat.

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    Thanks Ian, the big Tannoy Autographs are such a grand sound and down to the design of the driver ultimately, there will be more to come there as we move forward with various plans. I am worried I am biting off more than I can chew as a novice to CNC but was hoping to take on these horns myself if at all possible, the throat is 3.81mm in diameter to suit the compression drive unit ajoining it. Obviously I cannot expect .1mm degree accuracy but was hoping have a dedicated machine for say 5 horns with a small amount of finishing involved.

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    Really 3.81mm or should that be 38.1mm?

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    Yes, sorry, 38.1. Vitavox S2 driver.

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    Quote Originally Posted by silyavski View Post
    So the company that you asked gave you the correct answer.
    i would be inclined to cut this in 50mm stacks , inside first, flip it over and cut outside (have done this many times using locating pins on the table to locate the part)

    the geometry of the face of the horn having that curve will make the last layer or two little challenging

    if you do many parts of the same, then id be inclined to make a mould like silyavski suggests, proving that composite materials will work

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