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    Hi all - new on here and with a problem (of course).

    Machine is a Wabeco 1210E CC with legacy Winpc (WINDREH) CAD/CAM and Wabeco controller. Bought new many years ago and updated Windows software to R19b complete with dongle. Support from Pro Tools has been excellent, but it's Saturday and I could do with some advice.

    System was fine until a recent pc crash caused me to reinstall software on an old laptop which still sported a built in 9 pin male serial port. This also worked fine. Not content (stupidly) to rely on another old pc I bought a USB/RS232 com port replicator cable to try on a current laptop.

    Reinstalled software and dongle response was fine. Everything checked out on the Winpc set up pages but no controller response. Went back to the old laptop and connected direct to the serial port again. Now no controller response on this setup.

    Discovered a blown 2A slow blow fuse on the controller board. Disconnected the controller from pc and replaced the fuse but it glows orange and blows each time AC power is switched back on.

    There's also a nice (capacitive?) discharge across the fuse contacts as you insert the new fuse but this may be normal - I'm an engineer!

    Is it possible that the USB/RS232 CPR has caused a mischief with the dongle or controller or both? I note from the CPR data sheet that pin 9 on the D connector can be used to provide USB 5V for unpowered downstream users. The dongle has its own 12V power supply.

    Any advice appreciated but please keep it simplistic in electronic terms.

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    I don't know the age of the controller, but with age capacitors deteriorate. The signs to look for are bulging of the aluminium cans, particularly the large ones in the power supply area. It might help if you could post some photos of the board (well lit and in good focus). There could be a number of reasons for fuses blowing though.


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    Thanks Rob.

    Age is around 15 years, so could be the problem. Tho, given the close sequence of events, I'm minded to link the problem with the USB/R232 COM port replicator. Need to dig the board out of its enclosure to inspect further.

    Could really do with finding someone knowledgable and keen enough to take on the challenge of fault finding and repair. Loathe to start climbing the long hill of replacing unsupported stuff with new hardware and software. I've been very pleased with the ease of use and performance of the original setup.


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    Hi Stewart.

    The steppers on your machine are Nema34 Sanyo, but as Wabeco have sanded off the labels, I have no idea as to the exact specs. As the driver is rated at 50v 2A and your control board is a nominal 24v, I can't imagine they are very beefy. Maybe someone on the forum (JAZZCNC is my best hope ) might know what drivers match up to these motors.



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