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  1. Quote Originally Posted by John S View Post
    Need to check in the morning but I'm sure I have some 2 Hp 3 phase foot mount 4 pole motors brand new here.
    Yes, but JohnA wanted to go to single phase from 3phase...

    I on the other hand am looking for a cheap 1hp/0.75kw 3phase for my mill... :whistling:

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    Of course, he already has the 3 phase motor Duh, well it is getting late and the pop is taking effect.

    Can't help with the 0.75Kw, just had to buy 8 new ones.
    John S -

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    Sorry 6 new ones, God this 2009 Asda scrumpy must have been a good year.
    John S -

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ross77 View Post
    Hi John
    Dont now if the following will be of any help but here goes...

    Is your lathe cnc and therfore the spindle speed is controlled by the main controler? If not then most people seem the favour the 3 phase motor anyway and just get a VFD. (varible freqency drive)

    I got one off the bay for 50 ish. That way you can have varible speed but still have full power. Irving and John S helped me a lot on this. may be ask them, or wait and see if they chip in...:whistling:

    Might be worth starting a new thread as more people will see it then.
    Thanks Ross77 I have almost decided to go this route anyway it seems a lot less mucking about. Thanks for your help.
    John Andrews:whistling:

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    Hi Guys, id be grateful if u could download the whole manual cuz i have that lathe but no manual, or do u know a place i can buy it from, thanks

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