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    I used to cut a lot of steel and aly section, started off with a bandsaw but moved on to the cut off saw, would definitely say the cut off saw. Bandsaw was very slow and the cuts were not as accurate as the cut off, just need to be aware that the cut off saw produces a lot of swarf and plenty of sparks if cutting steel although the blades with teeth produce less sparks than the grinding wheel type. Would also choose the Bosch brand over sealey any day. I have also used the Fury saw, a capable machine for the money although a bit 'light weight'. Dewalt also make good machines but are not cheap but then again my dewalt sliding mitre saw has been going for over 15 years without a problem.


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    I like the Rage cutoff, I used mine to cut a lot of old type thick walled steel scaffold poles into 6' lengths, if I need a lot of cuts fast then out it comes, it would be nice to make a better base & vice arrangement for it. The Rage is not for Titanium or any but free-machining stainless though.
    The Rapidor Manchester power hacksaw does most of the cutting in my workshop, it's not fast but it runs unattended up the corner leaving me free for other work during cuts, it handles just about anything up to about 6" diameter and the blades last an unprecedented length of time, my last blade was over a year old when it's cuts slowed noticeably signalling time for replacement.
    The Sealey horizontal band saw fits between the two in terms of capabilities and doesn't get much use at the moment,

    - Nick

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