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    Hiya folks

    I purchased a Bluumax kit a few years ago and it has ended up sitting in the box, unassembled, until now.

    I have now started the build and went to the Yahoo group and it seems to be unavailable! There was an excellent step-by-step build by Leonard Gump ("Gumppy") which I cannot now access. Does anyone by any chance have this backed up or copied anywhere please?

    Tried to email Shawn (the builder of the kits) at bluumax@yahoo.com, and the emails are bouncing back saying there is no Yahoo account - damn and blast.

    Cheers in advance

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    Thanks chap. I have been there and had a look at the Home page and the gantry setup page at http://www.bluumaxcnc.com/Gantry-Setup.html. I was hoping someone had got the step-by-step guide for any tips, help and gotchas as I am building the machine...


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    Whoops deleted double post :)
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