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    Are there many about? I have 2 machines; a cheapo 40w (you know the one) and a more expensive (but still cheapish) Redsail M500. I've got NEITHER working at the moment and soooo fed up as I lack the technical know how to fix; the redsail i think should be an easy software glitch.
    Anyhow - is there anyone out there that can help? Any engineers around? Obviously i'd pay...
    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi, did you get any response to this as I need an engineer myself for an independent report on my laser?

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    No never got a response, seems they don't exist???

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    Quote Originally Posted by calida View Post
    No never got a response, seems they don't exist???
    There is a chap called John from lasertrader that maybe could help you, johnc@lasertrader.co.uk
    They normally fix/service large industrial ones but they are now have been fixing trotec ones which is our scale.

    send him an email.


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    Where are you guys based?
    Machine tools and 3D printing supplies. Expanding constantly.

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    I'm in Buxton Derbyshire. I'm just having software/set up issues now though.

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    I'm near Loughborough

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    You could try these guys we use them, there are from Nuneaton

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    Quote Originally Posted by burnsibub View Post
    I'm near Loughborough
    Try posiplas, www.posiplas.co.uk

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