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    Hi Guys,ever it is.

    Hope to find some useful links/people on this site.
    i work in damproofing but i like to design and problem solve,
    what i would really benefit from a cnc router for wood, i can draw free hand and take it through the editing suite in photoshop, and really hope to take it a bit further using cadcam cnc. anyone in the forum local to bolton lancs who actually builds cnc`s to order? or do you guys just build for yourselves,i have taken a quick look through your marketplace, but not too many for sale there. would like to speak with anyone who would want the job of building a small cnc, say 900 x 900 or if anyone has one for sale???

    ok thats me done, i look forward to any replies.....


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    well its obvious that no one sells or builds cnc machines to sell, or everyone has gone on holiday at the same time. so could i ask would anyone recommend a certain make & model on cnc routers to either aim for or avoid? Preferably as close to bolton as possible ? size 900 x 900mm or a little larger ,not too much larger.
    thanks in advance


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    Many people from the forum have build machines for others. I doubt you can buy a commercial machine half that good for the price.

    But the place is . Whats your budget? What are you aims and so on.
    project 1 , 2, Dust Shoe ...

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