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    No idea, I steer clear of Win8, but in Win7 it is Control Panel/Folder options under the view tab.

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    I don't seem to be able to find anything that works in control panel....i mean to load files i don't see?
    Any other ideas...
    Thanks in advance guys

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    Quote Originally Posted by calida View Post
    . . .Any other ideas...
    Thanks in advance guys
    I don't think there are any other ideas, if you need the usb drivers installed then that's what you need. You'll have to spend some time getting to grips with Windows
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    Do you think is a windows 8.1 thing? Finally got to download those drivers, or at least it said done.... Still no change when I attempt to open laserworks. Says communication failure.

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    I meant that you should make sure that no files are hidden by the system.

    From what I have seen of Win8, it is going away from the system engineers dream of something that is understandable, and can be patched if it don't do what you want.

    When I was a programmer in the 60's, I could patch programs by stopping them, altering bytes in memory and then setting it running again. Up until Win98 I could do much the same. I started to lose interest with XP and now with Win7 I don't give a flying f**k. My attitude to Win8 is another step in the same direction.
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    Can you look in the system (Control Panel/System/Device Manager) to see that there are no Yellow question marks or other warnings ? If none then I would start to suspect a board failure in the laser machine. Windows should detect the device by Hardware Id and load the drivers off t'interweb if they are properly registered.

    But I am starting to run out of ideas on this one.

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    Yeah it comes up in devices and then has the yellow warning. It searches but finds nothing online. It doesn't recognise the drivers I've downloaded. Seems real strange. The board I imagine is ok, as the lcd screen is fine and can fire and move etc. Redsail being fecking useless are... Well....useless

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    Looks as tho you still have the wrong drivers

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    Yup. Lol, no idea where to get the buggers. I've exhausted everything online. Let's hope redsail get back to me. Bloody thing is still under warranty but I don't have sales reciepts

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    I'd 1st try a different PC with XP on it. Beg/borrow etc !
    Until you can get the driver properly loaded on something, you can't tel if the controller works or not.

    Mine isn't redsail.
    I us XP and network cable, so haven't tried the usb driver.
    Mine is RDWorks, with an RD controller.

    I haven't swapped my controller , and I believe some boards use different stepper motors

    I know someone, who uses CNC drivers and Mach3 to control his laser, so it can be done, if all else fails :-)


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