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    Hello everybody, I work full time programming and running the CNC at a Joinery shop. It is a SCM Tech Z2 machine. Been doing it now for about two years, having never done it before but having 15 years experience as a carpenter helped!
    I'm having an error coming up on my machine which I've never come across before so thought I'd turn to the internet and came across this site so hopefully one of you may know what it is and perhaps I can offer some of my knowledge too in return when I pop here when I have down time.

    So my error message is, `V battery out of range'. It comes on in the morning after first turning on. When I first encountered it, it didn't stay up for long, maybe ten minutes but now I'm getting it everyday and it's taking longer for it to clear. The machine will still run a program with it there but instead of a green box showing it is red and the timer in the box does not run which makes me think its some kind of battery watch installed somewhere which has run out of charge. This wouldn't be such a problem cause I can still run a program but once it has run, I then have to use emergency stop to let it release the piece. This ain't great when I have to run say 20 pieces of the same program.
    As I said I'm guessing it's something like a watch battery which needs replacing but this is a big machine and I have no idea where start looking.

    Thanks for reading and I hope maybe you have an idea what this could be :)


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    I would imagine that the battery is in the computer/controller and not the machine itself. G.

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    Hi and thanks for the response.
    Yes I think I'm going to try and see in the desktop computer first as I know there is one in there and swap it out and see if that works, problem is there is basically 3 computers in there, the `brain' of the CNC, the computer that sends it the code and then the desktop that enables me to program it. So hope it is the desktop as looking at the other two I have no idea where to even begin.


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    If it's the battery on the PC motherboard, then your PC should be losing track of time.
    I just changed the battery on the motherboard of the PC controlling our Morbidelli a few weeks ago.

    A quick call to SCM should get you an answer, if it' in the control box.
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    I replaced the battery on the motherboard yesterday so hopefully that will have fixed it. I should know tomorrow as it ain't run all weekend so it will def be out of charge.
    Only thing is the computer wasn't losing time so worried it might actually be the cnc actual computer.
    My first port of call is to phone Scm usually but my boss ain't payed his bill so they won't talk to me until it's been sorted hence why I've turned to here for some knowledge :)


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    Switched the machine on this morning to be greeted by that warning sign again so it obviously wasn't that battery so perhaps it's the one in the main cnc computer?

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