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    Hi everyone.
    I was posting on here a while back, but personal reasons caused me to not be active in model engineering for almost 3 years, but now things are starting to look up and I have bought myself a small mill to chomp on, getting it set up and running under CNC. A thing I wanted to do in the first place, but the loss of my wife stopped all.
    I do have a very well equipped manual workshop, which I usually have open to people who require slightly larger machines to get some of their work done.

    So I hope that nothing else befalls me in my quest to get my dreams up and running.


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    Sorry to hear of your loss. Welcome back to the forum again!! Looking forward to hearing about your CNC adventures...

    Build log...here

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    Hi John,

    Nice to see you again and sorry to hear about your Loss. If I can help in anyway don't hesitate to ask.

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    Many thanks gents for the warm welcome back.
    Nothing much can be done at this time, waiting on delivery from China, and as we all know, it is their new year.
    But I have already got the X2 mill sitting outside of my shop, the touch screen and computer ready plus all the needed software. It will be that which will cause me the main problems, the physical bits I hope will be a doddle.


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