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    We design and manufacture timber staircases. Basic traditional designs to new modern designs. We are buying a 5 axis cnc as we can reduced our production time as we currently making everything by hand we have been impressed with both the Italian Biesse machine and the German Homag machine. Both come with their own software Biesse bsolid and Homag woodwop. Both machines are entry level Cnc 5 axis machines of a similar price. So which do we choose? Anyone who has used either I would love to hear your feedback.

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    The Homag or Biesse ...hm .... amazing difficile software bese on same platform for both machine ....... it is a way to normal CNC G code .....
    i have been work on homag venture 316L ... 300 000 - 500 000 pound brand new witout tools and ext.. 10 000 for a software WoodWOP is a bit difficult to get used to it + 10 000 pound is a basic training for homag
    A huge machine but do not expect a super pricese ....1 mm - 0.5 mm max maybe

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    I use a Biesse sklill 300 for kitchen and bedroom production and have done so for 4+ years and im yet to a problem
    with it. The traning is simple as is the general use of the machine. Just the right person to use it.


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