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    Hi all
    i recently bought a small mill on eBay and to say I am extremely unhappy with it. The guy that sold it converts them from manual to Mach 3.
    should I post a link to the item ?

    i don't want anybody caught out like I was.

    cheers for reading.

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    It would be interesting to see what it is, what has been done to it and why you are unhappy with it.

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    You could post a photo of yours, then we'd at least have something to look at ;-)

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    It was described as having servos with encoders on the drives and very accurate 0.01 mm on repeatability.
    good for production runs. Everything setup and working.

    got it and went to reference it and noticed the switch was in the wrong place for the x axis.
    No ball screws on it, just the standard lead screws.
    the z axis servo is atached to bevel gears and there is slap in the movement. He tells me there is zero backlash.
    I will take some responsibility for not asking if there was ball screws and assuming there would be.

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    How much backlash is there on each axis?

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    On the z axis just over 0.03 mm
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    What's the backlash on X and Y, and was backlash mentioned in the listing and have you measured the positional repeatability?

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    I only hope when you get it all sorted that you are happy with it. Perhaps the guy that sold it to you would do something about it.

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    The x and y axis aren't as bad, but with no ball screws it's going to need constant attention.
    the guy won't help at all, I offered to pay for the ball screws etc and fit them myself if he machined them to suit the mill. No go.
    he had it setup so the x axis referenced to the right. (Table move right ) never see that before on any mill.
    what the hell is the point in fitting servos with encoders to a standard lead screw lol.
    so the guy won't answer my emails or answer the phone, he has them on eBay as a classified listing. So no come back .

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    I currently have the same machine from the same guy I guess.ive had similar problems accuracy was out and still is. the mach3 licence was a copy.steps were out by alot.does yours reference to zero

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