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    Quote Originally Posted by lukecnc2012 View Post
    I currently have the same machine from the same guy I guess.ive had similar problems accuracy was out and still is. the mach3 licence was a copy.steps were out by alot.does yours reference to zero
    Mine dosent reference, he has the switches setup as home and limit. So when it hits the switch the machine goes into fault condition .
    did you raise your concerns with him.

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    I sent a couple emails about accuracy as I was getting .1
    And a couple over issues not being able to calibrate backlash etc.
    The machines definitely need gas struts on the z had problems returning to z height on a job in the same place.if I can help with settings in anyway let me know .

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    Was he any help to you?
    the settings I can do, the machine cost me 4500 with the fourth axis and delivery. As it is it needs a refit, and I don't have time to do it. So I am at a loss.
    he won't answer emails or answer the phone.

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    Yup same machine

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    Wow I I only paid 3200 if I'm correct with the 4th axis.the 4th is only 150 new.he did reply to one email after I complained about accuracy and loosing steps he suggested getting the encoders setup but unfortunately didn't seem worth it at the time . 4500 does seem more as he sold an identical one for 3800 a couple months ago.

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    Yup was 4500 with 4th axis, delivery was 250

    would the encoders not need to be calibrated only once though, sounds more like backlash to me and wear on the lead screw nut. Any way the machine isn't capabile of 0.01 accuracy as stated in his ad

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hellfire View Post
    Any way the machine isn't capabile of 0.01 accuracy as stated in his ad
    It might be worth mentioning here the vendor's ebay username, his town might help in case he opens another account in order to lose his history with the current one, he might assist his previous customers if prospective ones start asking all sorts of awkward questions about his wares ;-)

    If you paid via paypal and they aren't interested but the transaction was funded with a credit card you can still talk to your bank about fraudulent mis-selling and get them to reverse the credit card payment which will such the money back out of the vendor's paypal account, leaving it negative if he doesn't have a balance.

    You should report him on the Mach3 support forum for selling bogus licenses, they take a fairly dim view of this and given the very reasonable licensing cost it does make him look rather unscrupulous.

    On the subject of setup Mach3 you can use one switch as limit and home without errors when homing. Mach3 also has backlash and leadscrew mapping compensation settings which would probably at least get you going, adding an automated oiler would keep wear to a minimum.

    If you want to take some of the vertical load off the Z screw it's worth considering a cheap and easily set up pulley and weight arrangement, leave a few pounds of load on the screw though.

    - Nick

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    Thanks for the help bud, I am going to give him one more chance to reply before I put details up. Not looking good though.
    i paid by bank transfer, so nothing I can do there.

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    Ok still no reply from him.
    before I post the link to the mill, can I ask a question.
    am I being unresonable in expecting this mill to have ball screws. Can a mill be 0.01 accurate on all axis with ordinary lead screws. Is it suitable for production work.
    ok three questions

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