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    I am form Walsall and have recently been introduced to the possibilities on CNC routers. I enjoy designing and trying to make things in my workshop ( more like a shed). I'm the first to admit I'm not very good but that only makes those that are look even better. However when I make something that works there isn't a feeling like it.

    I was hoping to build something myself and I was also hoping for there to be a set of plans out there with the back up of buying the electronics as a package but as I know nothing at all the world of DIY CNC seems bewildering, full of dead links and contradiction.

    Any advise on a way of achieving a reasonable result at a reasonable cost. I only use sheet materials and aluminium, plastics, so I'm not sure how beefy everything has to be.
    Also anyone in the West Midlands who wouldn't mind demonstrating home user equipment, the insight would be appreciated.

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    Hi Aiden
    Welcome to the forum, you have come to the right place, the guys here will assist if you do decide to build a machine. First step is to have a look @ the build logs and get a feel for what is involved, then when you have decided on the size and configuration knock up your design in sketchup or similar and offer it up for comments from the forum members, cheapest option is steel frame so if you can turn your hand to welding this helps.
    Good luck

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    If you fancy a trip up to sheffield you can look at my set up and machine


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    Quote Originally Posted by IanParkin View Post
    If you fancy a trip up to sheffield you can look at my set up and machine

    Thanks Ian
    I am up in the outskirts of Sheffield quite regularly as my kids live in Clowne so I wouldn't mind having a look but to be honest I have pretty much spent the entire day talking myself out of owning one.

    There is so much I don't understand and there is too much to take in for a buffoon like me.
    I can design and I usually print out full size and then cut then cut around it but I have acquired a disability which means hand tools are becoming a thing of the past.

    I downloaded the Inventables Easel software and ran a design through it to see if I could convert my DXF's into something and frankly I'm not sure it would come out any better than if I was to chop it out with the hand tools in my possession.
    I dare say the Shapeoko is at the bottom of the pile for quality, in fact I would be happy to learn the fact. Maybe the future lies in finding someone who doesn't mind running my designs through their machines.

    Feeling a like I have arrived in the CNC party ten years too late, so yes I would love to take up your offer



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