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    Ive had this 4 wire motor lying around for a couple of years, and it bugged me back then. Ive just started to look at dabbling with CNC, this time with the arduino and its bugging me again.

    Has anyone come accross these? I suspect its out of an old printer. The only markings are on the bottom of the case and these are OKI, EM-333 and 0430AT. Ive hunted round on the web and found nothing.

    The wires seem to be 3 grey and 1 blue.

    Advice anyone ? Bin ?


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    If you are going to bin it you might as well connect it to a drive with about 24v and see what happens. ..Clive

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    Fair point
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    Looks like a motor from an old OKI dot matrix printer from the 80's. Looking at the stamping on the plate i would suspect this is just a two speed motor using different windings? may not be a stepper.
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    When you turn the shaft does it feel quite tight and "cog"? If so it's a stepper. Hard to see what else it could be as it's too short to have a commutator. What size is it? If it's 1.4 or 1.7 inch square it's another giveaway. Some of these old small stepper motors are only 48 steps per rev which makes them less useful. Is the cable a ribbon type with a blue strand along one edge? If so it's only to indicate which way round the cable should be connected. With 4 wires it will probably have 2 windings so could be compatible with a modern driver, check them out with a multimeter, there should be 2 pairs, one to each winding and the windings isolated.

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