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    The VDD Clive mentions is if you use 10V I think and you have to change a jumper on the board if using 10V.
    Of course I stand to be corrected by my mentor but I have a similar bob (but not the same) and that has to be connected to enable the bob. ..Clive

    Edit: looking at the schematic and the picture of the bob they are both different in that the schematic shows : 5V gnd gnd 10V but the pictures shows 5V gnd gnd 5V
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    I have exactly that BOB - it came free with the DQ860MA drivers which I notice the OP is also using.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I used the 5V (upper most one in the picture) and adjacent ground to supply the BOB (from a 5V feed from the PC power supply). When it was switched on out of interest I also checked the voltage at VDD (lower one in the picture) and it was also 5V.

    Board worked fine and from what I can tell in your pictures was wired up how you have it wired up (except i didn't use the enable connection on the drives).

    The reason I ended up using it (for now) was because the other one I bought -
    Click image for larger version. 

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    could not be made to work despite checking with scope, multi-meter, all sorts of diagnosis. My conclusion was that it was a faulty board. So whilst you run through all the good advice about settings etc. (which hopefully is the problem) you should be prepared for the board to be faulty if all else is ruled out.
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