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    The board I'm using is this one

    to be honest I'm not sure about the positioning I just know that there are two wires going into the inputs... At the moment I thought the encoder handled that

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    I take it that the encoder is connected to the servo amp then and that you are giving the amp step and direction pulses from the cpu card and the amp is handling the positioning control? I was just wondering because i didnt think that the eding cpu card took encoder inputs. I have the cpu 5b card for my next machine if I ever get it finished!

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    I think so. I'm new to servos and was told to put what wires I have into the inputs :/ I will get some pics when I get into the unit this morn

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    OK with those settings Dean i enter X100 F300 in the MDI and it moves 150.5mm so something is still off lol

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    Ok well first the Servo drives are dealing with the encoders closing the loop at the drives and all your doing is sending it Step & Dir signals(pulses).

    I did make a mistake when I said you'd get +68 M/min because I forgot about the ratio so RPM would be 625rpm at the pinion giving Max Velocity of 34.5 x 625 = 21.5M/min Rapids. . . BUT that would be with full 2000 rpm from motors which you won't get if 125Khz frequency. You'll only get 750(rpm) /3.2(ratio) = 234(rpm) x 34.5(pitch)=8085mm/min.
    So really your wasting plenty of the motors potential and machine rapid speeds.

    Why those figure didn't work I think can only be because your ratio is not what you think it is.?

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    Thanks Dean I've managed to get the machine moving exactly 100mm, i'm over the moon! However the software would not disengage the motors when I tured the motors off so I'm having a little trouble with that at the moment. Oh the joys of CNC (Completely - No - Clue) lol

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    What do you mean when you turn the motors off? I didnt think that the software let go of the motors unless it had a failure or an emergency stop then you have to rehome the machine. I think that as soon as you press reset to start the machine the software has control.
    You can check the amp enable output on the I/O screen to see the state of the I/O control.

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    What I mean is, if I press the 'off button' it asks would I like to turn the motors off. If I click yes nothing happens and the motors are still energised

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    Is the enable drives output still on?

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    When I put a tick in the box and save it.... It doesn't actually save it and the box is unchecked still

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