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    Oddly odd. If I get a chance I will check mine tonight and see what happens but I have a different cpu card from you. Might be best to email Bert and see what he says.

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    I will do that thanks. I had pondered on reinstalling the software so it was fresh incase something had happened in the download. Suppose it couldn't hurt

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    Like you say it woudnt hurt. Just make sure that the install drivers bit completes after the program install. I think it does need all its own stuff to work correctly. You could also try inverting the amp enable output just to see what happens.

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    Just tried mine and it does turn off the drives and also the tick in the I/O screen for enable goes off. I am using V4.01 of the software.
    Probably best to email Bert and see what he says.

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    Ah I'm using 4.02. Wonder if I should use that version for now

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    It would be worth a try even if its just to see what happens. One thing I did notice was that after turning the drives off the button wont turn them back on. You have to press reset but that might be built into the software.

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    Yeah same on this version too

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    Have a go with V4.01. You don't have to uninstall the version you have.

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    Yeah I will pal,just finishing off some method statements for my company, worst job ever!

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    OK, version 4.01 still acts the same... couple questions if you don't mind?

    1. The light on the board - When the drives are enabled is this light supposed to stay on?
    2. The 5V to enable the drives - which inputs are these to go into? i originally had the in 16 and GND and it works but motors would still stay engaged if i disabled the motors with the software.

    Sorry - the IO screen that button does stay checked. I got mixed up, its actually the amp enable that will not stay checked.

    I have also soldered the bottom of the board as asked

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