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    Looking at the flyer for the cpu card it looks like you are using the watchdog output to enable the drives which appears to be correct for this cpu card. I think that the green led should be on when the drives are on because the watchdog signal will be ok. I think that the watchdog output signal is staying on even though you are turning the drives off but I don't know if this is correct for this cpu. I have had a quick look at the servo amp manual but im not sure if it the correct one for your motor. It says that the amp enable should be 12 or 24vdc switched from its own internal supply. Are you using the watchdog signal to switch a relay for the servo amp enable signal?

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    Yeah I'm using the watchdog to switch the signal to the drives.

    The light switches on and off, however I wasn't sure which way it was supposed to be.

    Do your motors continue to stay energised when you disable the motors within the software?

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    Yes they appear to switch off. If you are using a relay powered from the watchdog to switch the enable signal you can measure the voltage to the coil or see the coil switch. Looks like the info on the cpu says that the watchdog is green for ok and red for not so I presume that green is output signal and red no output signal. Can you check the voltage to the relay and see if it switches?

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    Yeah it's 5v

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    Does the relay switch on and off with the 5v watchdog signal? Does the 12 or 24 vdc supply for the servo amp enable signal switch on and of with the relay? I think we need to get the basics checked first.

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    Actually I think the drivers are hard wired..... See f I can get a pic of my installation up (using tap talk at the moment)

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    This is the way it's set up now. And it works but the motors do not switch

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    Right so does the solid state relay switch on and off? It should go on when you press reset and motor on on the software. Does it switch off when you press motor off? I'm just wondering if the watchdog should switch off when you press motor off. Do you have an emergency stop wired in yet? If so press reset then motor on and the relay should switch on, then hit the estop. I would think that this should shut off the watchdog output.

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    The voltage drops on the relay but still fails to disengage the relays. Should of stuck with steppers lol doing my head in this is haha

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