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    I would get rid of that relay and fit a standard coil relay. I think that will solve your problem.

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    You think so?

    This is my driver QS7AA020M

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    Yeah. Just wire it the same as you have it but with a standard relay.

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    Ok I will give it a go cheers

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    OK Guys ive managed to swap the rack and pinion for the rotating ballnuts, what would be the best way to works the steps per with this setup

    Ballscrew is 2020
    rotating nuts are 1:1 (2 x 30 tooth pulleys)


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    Ok guys I need your help again! I bought a different machine and retrofitted the motors etc

    I need help with the steps per again everything is the same apart from the ballscrews I'm now running a 1-1 pulley (2x30 tooth) but I'm running an imperial pinion how would I calculate this? It's a TS2020 20

    Cheers in advance

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