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    Hi, Im planning to build a "mid" size CNC machine for wood and aluminum milling.

    I have attached some concept designs which IŽll be please to hear what do you think about them and which one you thing is the one I should develop.

    Material Im planning to use:

    - Aluminium profile Heavy 90x45 & Heavy 45x45
    - Aluminium 270x19 Bed
    - Hiwin 20 rails, whit HWG20 & HGH20 carriage
    - CFU Ballscrew 20-05 (very similar to Hiwin, 0,02 difference). (Also its Flange housing and BK, FK, FF & BF bearing block)
    - 12mm & 6mm laser cut steel plates
    - Nanotec Nema 34 stepper motor
    - Gecko G540 Driver

    And thats about it

    For the spindle Im still thinking about it, don't have it clear... And Im still missing the Power supply

    Well, I know Im missing info, so please ask...

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Design X&Z Axis.pdf   Design Y Axis.pdf   DesignE.pdf   DesignD.pdf   DesignC.pdf   DesignB.pdf   DesignA.pdf  
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    Come on guys, are they so bad for your consideration?

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    Hi or Hola Javier,

    First of all what is your desired travel, especially Z travel. What do you intend to do exactly with the machine?

    -I was recommended before for all axis xx10 balscrew and for z xx05, it worked well, so more or less that's the typical setup for woodworking machine.

    On your size table this translates to 2010 for the long screws, and 1610 for the short and 1605 for Z.

    - personally i think that the gantry sides should be strong, so i dont like the 1 plate design, if it does not happen to be a light duty wood router. I like the raised table sides design where the bearing rails are top mounted and the working bed recessed , so there is no necessity for high gantry sides. Also much easier to align at home than say side mounted rails.

    - a lot of aluminum in the design, will be expensive build it seems, having in mind the price of the 19mm bed itself

    -the G540 BOB will not work for high voltage motor driving which is preferred, you need also most possibly nema 23 motors like the SY60STH86-3008B, not 34.

    First clear and decide on the design and mass of the gantry, then you will see about the motors. Read my first build all is right there with the exception of the breakout board which could be CSMIO + separate leadshine drives /Am822 or EM806/ , you gain that its a Ethernet solution, if you insist in all in one with the drives but still LPT - Leadshine MX3660 or 4660

    I will send you with private my phone, you can call me whenever you like so i can help you what i can.

    Its better to post the images as JPG or similar not PDf, for easier viewing
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    On your size table this translates to 2010 for the long screws, and 1610 for the short and 1605 for Z.
    I think you could get away with 1610 on the X axis as it is only 1500mm long (my X is 1600mm with slaved nema 23's) ..Clive

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clive S View Post
    I think you could get away with 1610 on the X axis as it is only 1500mm long (my X is 1600mm with slaved nema 23's) ..Clive
    Not worth the risk IMO Clive as the performance difference is so little but the risk of Whip is greater. Actual difference in Screw Cost is minimal so why take risk of whip.!

    Dinus take Boyan up on his Phone offer as it's much easier to build a Machine if you have a guiding hand from an experienced builder.
    Boyan will learn you more in 30mins on Phone than months of searching the internet could. I do this all the time for people in UK and they all say the same thing that the call learnt them more than months searching forums and lifted much of the Mystery and Fog that affects new builders.

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    I agree Dean it's not worth the risk for the small cost involved. ..Clive

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    Hi, thanks for the replies...

    Im going to call Silyavski this afternoon (Which I thank for the offer). Ill try to get much of the "Mystery and Fog" off my head and Ill give you feedback on my conclusions and "see" what you all think about them...


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    we spoke a couple of times with Javi and i promised to help the design. Instead of pointing the following in private email, i will say it here, so all should know to avoid making the same mistake / buying materials for frame without having the model.

    Ok, so from the last email seems that the already bought material is the following, some is in Spanish but is clear that is the aluminum extrusion.:

    Gecko G540


    - 2 HGR20 1500 mm (Link para archivo Cad)

    - 2 HGR20 de 1076,2 mm

    - 2 HGR20 de 400 mm

    - 8 HGW20CA (Link para archivo Cad)

    - 4 HGH20CA (Link para archivo Cad)


    2 x Perfil 45x90 Pesado tipo-B ran. 10
    Mecanizado:2xM12 / 2xM12
    Longitud:1500 mm

    2 x
    Perfil 45x90 Pesado tipo-B ran. 10
    Mecanizado:2xM12 / 2xM12
    Longitud:1076.2 mm

    3 x
    Perfil 45x45 Pesado tipo-B ran. 10
    Longitud: 917m

    12 x Escuadras de union para perfil 45.

    So i sat down and made a sketch. Once i started drawing i saw what would happen at the end, but let me show the steps why.:

    As its seen the 2x 45x90 1076mm profiles that were meant for gantry are not strong enough for a gantry, so one solution is to cut them to size and together with the 45x45 profile to form the table. Angle plates are not shown.

    Now about that 45x45 profile extrusion = totally useless for a cnc build. I cant seem to find a use for them , not strong enough even for middle of the table, the only thing i see as possibility is to buy 6 meters of cheap steel 60x10mm and use that to reinforce all as shown in the photo below.

    Now about the 45x90 aluminum extrusion and linear rails and ball screws. Lets do it the compact way. rails aside and ballscrews below. Grrrrrrr, not possible. not enough wide for both. So what. Linear rail up and ball screw aside, noooooo, it would eat the size of table and so travel will be limited...

    So whats the conclusion. From all that aluminum extrusion a table can not be formed for the desired size and linear rails bought before.
    Not a big deal cause i have other design in mind where the extrusion will serve for reinforcement and so, but not for the base structure.

    I am working on my first more commercial cnc so i could change a bit the design and implement the extrusion. will soon show drawing where i do that to the exact size of his rails
    Here is the general design. Thats the development from the other thread where i started designing small cnc that would be cheap and fast to put together. All is 20mm aluminum plate. So some of the plates could be exchanged for the existing profile.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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Name:	javi 6.png 
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    Hi There, I'm new here but ive just finished building a machine using 90x90 heavy profiles. You may find the pic helpful for inspiration.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

Name:	image.jpg 
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