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    Well they both arrived finally and I'm in the stuff now . Will do as best as possible to provide way to many pics and other menial info regarding these 2 Engravers .

    If this thread is in the wrong forum , please place it where you feel it should reside . Kind of like me ( reside ) Canadian living in the States .

    Tiny rails and bearings ( were the first thing that surprised me from the darn weight of the machine , ( hernia in the making ) electronics boxes are just as bad weight wise compared to what is out there now . Yet considering they are totally discontinued and parts may be SOL . The height of the Y axis from the table is so do able in increasing it , wonder why it wasn't done years ago . ( side plates for the gantry would just need to be made taller ) plus longer stroke on the Z .

    Came with one flood hose attachment but the gauge is trashed , all the cables look in real good condition first glance .

    Lead screws are as small as the rails almost ( tight pitch ) guess that's why there have been complaints the machine moves so slow .

    The spare 20mm rails and bearing blocks I have may not be an easy swap over , but they worked fine for Gerber in the first place .

    The tables look okay as well with no obvious gouges taken out of them , T-slot channels are not all chewed up either . So it looks like they will make the grade so far .

    Electronics is another thing , but that will come later . If they get to be more headaches than their worth , plus I really don't want to be tied down to their software currently .

    Will provide measurements also if anyone has any need if they are curious .

    thanks all and all that good stuff

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    All rails are 12 mm dia and corresponding bearing blocks ( inserts ) ( no makers marks )

    12.5 mm dia lead screws / 10 threads per inch ( X, Y, and Z axis )

    Superior Electric Slo- Syn Motors Synchronous/Stepping , Type M063-LS-516 , 2.25 volts Dc , 4.6 Amps , Steps/rev 200 Rpm @ 60 Hz ( 6 Pin connection )

    Damaged limit switches mounted to bearing blocks ( 4Z12 ) ( no makers marks )

    usual dust boot 12mm rails again

    Sry for the shaky pics , coffee withdrawl
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    Data sheet for those specific motors
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    have made you made any more progress
    i just obtained a d200 witch i am currently striping to clean as my one is in a very dirty state
    planning on changing drive electronics to something current

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    Quote Originally Posted by scooper1 View Post
    have made you made any more progress
    i just obtained a d200 witch i am currently striping to clean as my one is in a very dirty state
    planning on changing drive electronics to something current

    It has been awhile , and sry to anyone looking how I made out with mine .

    Did a total swap of all the Gerber electronics and motors , went with gecko G540 ( http://www.cncrouterparts.com/3-axis...-kit-p-74.html ) and mach 3 . On both machines I kept windows xp and only the very basics on the comp . ( stand alone ) no net no virus no other junk that was basically a waste . Turned off all updates and and firewall since it is not connected to the net . They work great and have some issues with file transfers from other comp Cd's and that about it .( could be just old CD's ) Use a memory stick will prob be a better means to end anyway .

    Since all the lead screws are identical , settings through mach 3 is just a matter of typing in the same settings

    So now I have extra Arc stations and the rest to part with to whom ever needs some items .
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    This week will finally get around to making new gantry side plates to increase the z height , 2 - 3 inches added , with new spacer blocking under the gantry that bolts to the rail track mounts . Will prob have to re surface the table top but that's no big issue to worry about . Change the plumbing for the vac table to front rather than rear and separate sections plumbed and valved just for specific table areas worked on . scooper1 , if you need the exact settings can pass them along no worries , that is if your going with same set up .
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    Have the first set of gantry side plates ( all they had was 5052 no 6061 plate ) done , extra 2 inches in height from the factory for max material thickness that can be done is now 4.25 inches . 2 x 4 x 6 square channel tubing also as the spacer to bolt in .

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    I am interested in the arc stations and the rest if they are still available.
    Extra parts for the D200s we have would be good.

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