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    Hi all,

    having a bit of a clear-out in the garage so will be putting various machining and automation items up on here or ebay.

    First item that needs a new home is a very lightly used Sino DRO. Came with the Chester Super Lux. IT is exactly like the stuff MachineDRO are selling, theirs being rebadged. The machine was converted to CNC and then dismantled for scraping and then for linear rail conversion...which never got completed. In total the DRO has not seen more than 30 hours use, but has seen at least two years of storage.

    So the package includes:

    • 2axis Sino DRO console with mill functions with manual
    • mounting hardware including the tool holder plate
    • 1 long glass scale with mounting strip and cover
    • 1 short glass scale with mounting strip and cover

    Should think 125 would be a bargain for someone with the normal Chester Lux or Warco major equivalent that do not have one from point of sale.

    I would prefer that the potential buyers pick the parts up but I can always send them out insured at cost.

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    I'll have them if you post to me.

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