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    lol small world mate ill say to him hahaha do you have plans for that machine

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    Anyone got plans for machine I can sort electronics

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    Quote Originally Posted by feetsy View Post
    Anyone got plans for machine I can sort electronics
    Go back and read my first post again.!! . . . . You won't find any plans worth the effort.

    Going to be quite blunt here in an attempt to make you sit back and think before doing or BUYING anything yet.!!

    If you haven't got the engineering skills or the abilty to workout a machine design after looking thru this forum then you haven't got what it takes to build a CNC machine.!! This is why I ended up building Ian's Machine, he had the skills but not the Knowledge or equipment.

    Plans no matter how good don't guarantee you will build a machine worth the effort if you don't have a certain amount of knowledge to help assist. You my friend have NOT learnt enough yet to even be thinking about building.

    So my advise to you is very Clear and to the point.!! . . . Don't Bother.!! . . . Wait, learn the Knowledge of what is needed by reading thru the forum and asking questions.
    Don't Buy anything yet. Especially on the Electronics side. Stay well clear of Ebay and the temptaion to buy any Kits etc. They are rubbish and you will regret any purchase you make now before knowing what machine your actually building.

    Look around the forum decide on a machine design then ask questions. If you rush then you will most likely fail or end up build a pile of unreliable rubbish.
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