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    Hey guys, need your help a little. unfortunately something I didn't account for is the small difference in diameter between HD 16 and MGD 16 which is forcing me to use MGD on my Z and Y (gantry) axis and was hoping I would avoid it atleast for the Z.
    would you think its okay to just increase the diameter a bit of one of my HD 16 brackets until it fits or should I adjust for the MGD? I was thinking of filing it until it would fit.


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    Give us a clue whats HD16 and MGD 16.?

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    it must be that http://www.zappautomation.co.uk/mech...t-bracket.html, the other one may be is the open variant.

    I suspect you dont have the precise means to open diameters so go for filing it with the digital caliper at the other hand, constantly checking
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    My apologies for not explaining, as Silyavski mentioned that is the MGD16 and the other one is this http://www.automation4less.com/store....asp?prod=HD16 and if you notice there is a .4mm difference in diameter causing the issue since the ballscrew I got for my Z and Y are from taiwan and support MGD size only, I find it kind of big for Z but I think I will do the design adjustment anyway.

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    Since the diameter of the hole is not too critical why not just run a 28.5 or 29mm drill through it? It doesnt need to be a tight fit.

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    Actually, it can be critical depending on how you arrange the ballscrews and mounts. The ID of the screw mount should have a pretty tight tolerance to match the ground outer diameter of the ballnut.
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